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Volunteer Management


The Skillsbank system for volunteer recruitment, assessment and management was developed by WangNET back in 2007 in response to a widespread need for a way to recruit and manage community volunteers. This system has been in constant use since then and offers an ideal way to recruit, evaluate  and match skilled volunteers to suitable roles. It is used by volunteer management centres, local councils and others for complete volunteer management.

The Skillsbank system is now also available to businesses to help with their volunteer programs, and offered to community groups and non-profit organisations at concessional rates as Volunteer Skillsbank. Because of the tiered operating structure, larger community groups and local councils can run systems that then offer access to community groups and non-profit oganisations free of charge.

Visit the Skillsbank website for more details.

Businesses may also wish to take advantage of our Recruitment Systems for staff.

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