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Cloud Solutions

At WangNET, we have been offering cloud solutions since before it was called "the cloud"! Our services span many industries, plus we can tailor a cloud solution for just about any business.

Perhaps you want your own virtual server? Or perhaps you run a business from multiple locations and you want a single point to co-ordinate all your information?

Instead of having a piece of software on a single computer that you own, we can provide online cloud solutions that you can access from any computer or device that has an internet connection. Think how much easier that could make your life!

Some examples of our work are detailed below. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Vin-Marque - for wineries and breweries

Vin MarqueIn response to a huge need from wineries and breweries to find that elusive "single point" of management at an affordable price, WangNET specifically developed Vin-Marque, the all-in-one winery and brewery management system.

Hosted in the cloud and so accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection, wineries and breweries can now manage their loyalty club, their cellar door, their online shop and their customer communications from a single point. The time savings are enormous, plus the risk of out of date, incorrectly duplicated or inaccurate information is all but eliminated.

Best of all, this system is available for less than one tenth of the cost of some other systems!

Manage your stock better, communicate with your customers better, sell more product and increase your profitability - that is the Vin-Marque advantage.

Contact us for more information.


Grocers Online

Grocers OnlineThe Grocers Online system provides a unique way for smaller, independent supermarkets to compete with the large chains by allowing them to put their products online and allow online ordering for their customers, at a very small price. This can be integrated into an existing website or we can create a website to go with it.

The beauty of the system is that it integrates with existing in-store inventory systems, preventing duplication of data entry and ensuring accurate stock control and easy management.

Grocers Online gives independent supermarkets the edge - it increases sales, increases customer loyalty and ultimately, profitability.

Find out how we can benefit your local supermarket - contact us today.

For Volunteer organisations

The Volunteer Skillsbank System is a cloud-based solution to allow easy recruitment of volunteers for a variety of organisations. The system allows all of the following and more:

  • Registration of potential volunteers, including their skills, interests, ability to travel, availability etc
  • Listing of volunteering opportunities by a variety of organisations, including details of specific roles, locations and requirements
  • Sophisticated matching of roles with skills to select a short list of suitable volunteer matches
  • Integration of data into existing websites
  • Complete eNewsletter and communications system
  • Various levels of access to assign different roles and tasks to different people
  • Comprehensive reporting for management purposes, and to comply with government requirements

This system has been widely used for a number of years, and has revolutionised volunteer management, especially in Victoria and NSW.  It is used by volunteer centres, councils and businesses alike.

For more information on how Skillsbank could assist you, contact us today.

For Emergency Services

In line with our support of community and non-profit organisations, WangNET is pleased to offer online management systems for the State Emergency Service and for rural and country Fire Brigades.

The system operates in the cloud making it accessible to all authorised members, and enables fast enhanced communications, plus tools to allow members to advise their availability, manage skills and training and much more.

The system is available to any SES unit, Victorian CFA brigade or NSW RFS brigade. Emergency services in other states can also apply to be added to the system.

Contact us for more information.

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