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Community Groups

WangNET began after recognising the need for someone - anyone - to supply affordable website design and hosting, specifically aimed at community groups and non-profit organisations. We recognised that such organisations needed a proper web presence as much as anyone, but affording it was often a different story.

As a result, we developed hosting and design packages specifically for community groups, so they could have the services they need at a price they could afford.

We continue to offer this today.

Community hosting packages

To make it easier for community groups and other non-profit organisations to get online, WangNET offers hosting packages with all the features of our business grade hosting, but at greatly reduced prices.

For a static site, our community hosting packages are available from just $88 per year. Note that you do need to be a registered non-profit organisation or community group to be eligible for this package, and must use a non-commerical domain name, such as a .org,, etc.

View the details and order now.

For community groups that need more, we also offer our CMS Hosting Packages but at a substantial discount to normal rates.

Contact us to find out more.

Community hosting & domain packages

We also offer a way for community groups to save even more. Sign up for our community hosting and domain package, and you can get your community website hosting for just $172 for two years!

To be eligible for this, you must be a registered non-profit organisation, and must also register your or domain name with us.

See the details and order now.

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