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Web Tip

If you want people to keep coming back to your website, be sure to give them something new to look at. Update often and remove out of date material.

Simple, Static Sites

The simplest and most affordable websites are those written in plain, simple HTML. They are very fast to load, rank well in search engines and cost surprisingly little to build. If you are just starting out on the web, do not get caught up in paying for all the bells and whistles - start instead with something simple and affordable, and build on it as you grow.

So what is a "static site"?

A site is called static if it does not change except when you specifically change it. It is custom written in HTML, and remains the same until you update it. This is distinct from a dynamic site, which changes in response to options requested or the content it loads.

A simple static site is the best way to begin if you are just starting out on the web. It is surprisingly affordable and can be updated by you in a number of ways, or by us if you prefer.

It is best to start with a site of at least 5 pages - smaller sites simply struggle to obtain a proper search engine ranking - and 10 or more pages is better still, but start with what you need and can afford. You can always build on it or upgrade it later.

Many of our clients have started with small static sites and gone on to have sophisticated content management sites later. You could too.


Have a look at our starting packages, or look at our CMS options.

Wangaratta Weather


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Max: 22
Early fog then sunny.

Min: 4
Max: 23
Mostly sunny.

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Max: 24

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Partly cloudy.

Min: 9
Max: 25
Possible late shower.
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