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Wine Industy Management Systems

Vin-Marque - the all in one solution

Vin Marque


Customer management and record keeping has always been one of the hardest parts of running a winery or craft brewery. Not any more!


Vin-Marque provides the answer, with a complete system that provides everything you need in one location. Forget about having all the customer data scattered through different systems.There is no longer any need to have a customer email database in Outlook, wine preferences in Excel, a list of people who want your eNewsletter in another system, order processing through an accounting program etc - this system does it all from one set of records!




The Vin-Marque system provides all of the following and more:

  • full customer database, including details of wine preferences
  • full communications system, tailoring newsletters to the individual members from a single sending
  • loyalty club management, allowing customers to change their own ordering preferences, delivery address etc
  • ability to create a website for you, or integrate into an existing website
  • online shop and ordering capabilities
  • point of sale interface for your cellar door
  • stock management systems
  • financial record keeping
  • ability to classify customers into different groups and offer different pricing
  • comprehensive reporting and analysis tools


The Vin-Marque system costs much less than you would think, and has been successfully used by wineries and breweries now for several years.

To find out more, contact us today or visit the Vin-Marque website.

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